Frequently Asked Questions

If you are trying to save space and have something that is easier to operate, always choose sliding doors. Sliding door gives you the freedom to access the outdoors way better than usual doors, or bi folding doors.

If your patio door gets exposed to moisture a lot, metal frames are the best. However for more luxurious and aesthetic feem wooden frames are often used. It completely depends on you what type of sliding frame you want. You can look at the catalog, talk to the expert on pros and cons of each type of frame and choose one for yourself. 

Sliding door is just as secure as any other door. No, it’s not an absolute defence against thefts but then no door provides you absolute security. Sliding doors are made of strong glass that does not break that easily. Also, sliding doors have a reliable locking mechanism to secure them.

No, sliding doors are made hard enough to withstand staching, light impacts. Your pets won’t be able to break or damage them. The glass is laminated glass, which is often used in bullet proof vehicles, so you can rest assured the glasses won’t break easily. 

Sliding doors don’t slide when there is an issue with either the track, or the rollers. You can try greasing the tracks and rollers to make them work. If the issue persists, call the professionals.

Sliding doors are made with insulation in mind. The right installation makes sure you get a well insulated sliding door. You don’t have to worry about high electricity bills when you get your sliding door installed by us.   

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